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What People Say About Us

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R. N.*, Director of beauty industry training and conference company

“A chance to chat to down to earth legal experts who understand what you are going through and who have the ability to offer advice and support.”

“I feel now that I at least have a more professional plan to work through and to follow when I stray from the path. The program keeps me on track to reaching my business goals.”

“Mike & Lucy were my main contacts. Both are fantastic to work with because they don’t judge you, they offer up, and uncover ideas and they really know what they’re doing!”

“I think every business should do this program. It provides the foundations to build on. Without advice like this, how can you see the true big picture?”

L. X.* and T. L.*, Directors of Auckland technology start-up

“The Modules were tailored to our business goals and built on each other so that we learned more about our business plans and how to improve different aspects of our business as we progressed through the program.”

“Thank God the program helped us identify the key business issues and tackle them ASAP so we can move forward knowing we won’t fall into any traps in the near future.”

“The IP protection section expanded our view on global standards. It is good to address this issue sooner rather than later.”

“The workshops are well prepared and organized. A lot of vivid real case scenarios helped me to understand each module.”

“We now have a clear idea of how it appears to an external stakeholder and what we need to improve on to give the best impression when pitching to potential stakeholders.”

L. J.* Developer of educational products

“Just wanted to let you know it is my intention to carry out the plan you have put into place for the brand.”

S. C.*, Founding Director of international software company

“Mike’s help in protecting our software development interests proved invaluable – both then and for many years following.”

“As the company expanded its efforts internationally, Mike designed a sophisticated company structure that proved readily workable while ensuring protection of our intellectual property.”

“I have no hesitation in recommending Mike as a trustworthy lawyer, with extensive business knowledge in the area of intellectual property.”

J. G.*, Management Consultant

“Michael was pivotal to the successful outcome of a project in which I was involved.”

“I always found Michael easy to work with, and valued his lateral and strategic thinking.”

“Michael invariably put the client’s interests before his own, ensuring that the project kept moving through some difficult times and his commitment ultimately resulted in a successful conclusion.”

“I would highly commend Michael’s services to anyone, based on his high level of commitment and the excellent results and attitudes I have observed in my dealings with him.”

*Names withheld for client privacy and confidentiality. Contact details may be made available with consent.

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