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How BGL Startup™ Works

The BGL Startup™ Process

  1. Register on our website and Login to Members Area.
  2. Complete BGL Startup™ Module questionnaires and get your score.
  3. Order a BGL Startup™ Program at $450 + GST per Module ($1,350 + GST in total).
  4. Complete your online BGL Factcheck™ and book in your Workshop session online.

What You Get

  1. Fact Check on your Business.
  2. Initial Assessment Report for each Module.
  3. One hour face-to-face consultation with a Business Growth Law® expert for each Workshop.
  4. Analysis & Recommendations Report on completion of your BGL Startup™ Program containing:
    • Review and analysis of your business’s status under each Module category
    • Options and recommendations for remedying problems apparent in each category
    • Overview of how the results may impact on your business goals
  5. You can:
    • Revert to us with any queries regarding your options and our recommendations
    • Engage us further if you wish to develop and execute an Action Plan

BGL Startup™ – Foundations for your business growth

Business Identity

  • Understand the key elements of business identity
  • Align business identity with business vision
  • Build and protect a brand to distinguish you from competitors

Intellectual Property

  • Understand the types of IP relevant to your business and goals
  • Review your IP use and infringement issues
  • Create and protect IP to support your business model

Digital Expansion

  • Digital strategy to underpin growth plans
  • Understand online privacy obligations
  • Ownership and security of digital assets

Exit Strategy

  • Create an exit plan before you need one
  • Work backwards from exit to entry
  • Build your business growth critical path


  • The Business Growth Law® Program is registered under the NZTE Regional Business Partner Network.
  • Qualifying businesses may be eligible for up to 50% funding.
  • Visit NZTE Regional Business Partner Network website to find out more.

Please visit BGL Startup™ to find out more or read BGL Startup™ case studies.

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