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If you’re running a business without the right legal strategies, you’re like a fish that never learnt how to swim.

We recognise that business owners are busy people who need to concentrate on what’s absolutely essential.

So, rather than overwhelming you with legal information and “to-do” lists, our Business Growth Law® Modules focus on the key milestones for businesses at any stage of growth.



Case Studies

  • BGL Startup™
  • BGL Emerging™
  • BGL Growth™



  • The Business Growth Law® Program is registered under the NZTE Regional Business Partner Network.
  • Qualifying businesses may be eligible for up to 50% funding.
  • Visit NZTE Regional Business Partner Network website to find out more.
  • NOTE: Funding is not available for individual Modules or BGL MiniClinic™ Product.


Our Guarantee

  • We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction.
  • If you are not completely happy with any of our Products, we will refund you.
  • No questions, no arguments.


The Right Legal Foundations

Does your business have the right legal foundations for its key milestones?



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